Heyland & Whittle
Soap & Herbal Merchants

Hand made in England

Husband and wife team Paddy Heyland and Ursula Whittle joined their names to create the Heyland & Whittle Brand in 2003. The logo includes the Heyland family crest which dates back to the Battle of Waterloo.

Heyland & Whittle is a quality soap and home fragrance manufacturer based in England. We create what we believe are outstanding natural products with tradition, style and authenticity for a discerning market.

Inspired by our original location on a farm in rural Surrey, Heyland & Whittle produce a range of handmade soaps in the traditional cold-processed method, using only the very best natural ingredients. Essential oils, herbs and spices are combined to create our sulphate and paraben-free range.

Heyland & Whittle products are all handmade, expertly cut, filled and decorated. Recently launched are candles and reed diffusers in a range of fragrances including the classic English formulations of Neroli & Rose and Citrus & Lavender. Even more exciting is the new Jasmine & Lilac fragrance which evokes memories of an English Summers day. Summer Berries, Oranges and Lemons blend with a euphoric bouquet of Jasmine, Lilac and Lavender with a warm Cedar base. Quintessentially British!

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