Heyland & Whittle
Soap & Home Fragrance Manufacturer

Hand made in England

Heyland & Whittle is a British soap and home fragrance manufacturer, well known for creating beautiful natural products, the traditional way. We are an award winning luxury soap and fragrance company and we are proud to be one of the largest manufacturers of cold-processed soap in England. Step through the doors of the Heyland & Whittle factory and glorious sophisticated fragrances greet you.
We produce the finest handmade olive oil based soap using only the very best natural ingredients, essential oils, herbs, spices and pure colourants like madder root and turmeric creating a large range of products free from parabens and sulphates. Teams of dedicated staff make up the highly trained and skilled workforce who oversee, with care and precision, the handmade soap and bath melt production, diffuser filling and candle pouring.
Home fragrance goods, like natural soy blended candles and reed diffusers, were the natural addition to our bath and body collection using signature fragrances, handmade in England naturally and delivered to you, worldwide.
We are proud to fly the British flag!

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